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About Ya Cho

Ya Cho International Co., Ltd. was established in March of 2007. The company is a professional trader of I/O connector products who also provides expertise in the design, development, integration, and production. Ya Cho has the core technology products, an experienced development team, and extensive network with backbone manufactures. It also provides customer who requires 3C products and OEM/ODM management. Furthermore, the company can customize products and provides production service to international customers.

Ya Cho strives to continuously improve on its product through extensive research and development. The company continues to work closely with core manufacturer to ensure it can offer the best price, the best service and the best transaction time. Ya Cho also wants to ensure its customer has the best experience through providing our high quality service.

Ya Cho believes its employees are its greatest assets. We emphasize good cooperation among the team through effective communication, and strong emphasis on training in order to maintain a competitive advantages and ensure they have strong implementation skill by constantly developing and learning. This will ensure Ya Cho business continue to grow and be the best among its peer in the industry.


雅焯,成立於2007/3/14,是一家專業消費性電子零組件代理/貿易商,擅長於連接器及零組件的設計、開發、整合、製造、行銷,擁有產品的核心技術及研發經驗團隊,更進一步連結並整合上下游加工廠開發及製造,提供客制化的3C產品OEM/ODM 之經營模式。另外我們也提供國際性客戶的特殊委外專案、委外設計及製造服務,為客戶開發新產品時的首選夥伴!